NBC's new bug placement is obnoxious

TV Arts

Why not put it dead center in the middle of the screen? Its practically
there already.

Mr. Hole

The favor of your reply is requested.


"You would make a destructive god, Mr. Hole, but as a human, you remain
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I noticed it, too during Days Of Our Lives. Crappy.
I stopped noticing it by the end of the ep. Thankfully, I don't watch
anything on NBC except Studio 60.
I don't know if there was some kind of goof at the netwoork but the bug
with the NBC peacock and .com was up for half the hour and then it
dissappeared and one of the characters actually mentions in the show
"god forbod you took the bug down" or words to that effect. Then the
regular NBC bug, still over on the left closer to the senter than the
edge would pop up for a few sexonds after a commercial break.

Have they been doing this on all their shows all week?

Garondo Marondo!
I think that was a studio 60 gag. I missed it because I watched the
show on Canadian TV on Sunday night.

I think NBC is trying to turn lower thirds into lower halves now.
The only problem with that is the show inside the Studio 60 universe
airs on NBS, not NBC.

I haven't watched Kidnapped yet, so I'll see where they plop the bug

Garondo Marondo!