NBC adds "Quarterlife" to Mondays

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NBC adds 'Quarterlife' to schedule
Show to debut on Feb. 18

NBC will serve up the TV debut of "Quarterlife" on Monday, Feb. 18, at
9 p.m.

Skein will replace the Monday airing of "Deal or No Deal," which will
continue to run on Wednesdays. Lead-in for "Quarterlife" will be the
new reality skein "Baby Borrowers," which will debut the same night at

"Quarterlife" is currently running as an Internet series on multiple
websites. NBC picked up a broadcast window for the skein last month
(Daily Variety, Nov. 19).

Series comes from Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick.

You really haven't got a clue. Mainstream America is not interested in 
scifi, good or bad this show will go the way of "Bionic Woman" & 
"Jouneyman" fairly quickly. I don't know why networks even bother 
anymore. I guess they stumbled on a couple of flukes with "Lost" & 
"Heroes", but these are dying quickly themselves.


I think they will watch the show. If, for no other reason, that the
Chronicles will fill a hole left by the absence of "24" this season.
There's no show that can fill that unbelievable plot, action filled
hole that "24" fills where you turn off your brain and just enjoy the
action as Jack takes on the world. I think Chronicles has a chance to
draw in that audience. It also doesn't hurt that it seems that most of
the schedule will just be reruns or reality shows so this will be one
of the few dramas with new stories for people to watch.