NBC rumored to be reviving "Twin Peaks," creator denies it

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'Twin Peaks' revival on NBC rumored: Would you watch?
By Carina Adly MacKenzie

The 1990 drama "Twin Peaks" only lasted for two short seasons -- and a
TV movie -- but it made a lasting impact on the television landscape,
influencing countless supernatural and mystery series that followed.

It comes as little surprise, given the public's current thirst for
nostalgia, that we're beginning to hear rumors of a potential "Twin
Peaks" revival series.

Unfortunately, they're just rumors. And entirely unfounded ones, at

Several sites are reporting that NBC has sought out "Twin Peaks"
creators Mark Frost and David Lynch in the interest of revisiting the
show and potentially answering some of the unanswered questions left
after its abrupt cancellation. Frost, however, tells The Daily Beast's
Jace Lacob that there have been no such conversations.

Additionally, after buzz began to grow earlier this week, Frost
tweeted, "Dear Internet: You are very good at spreading rumors. Truth
is more valuable and much harder to come by." He also re-tweeted a fan
who said he and Lynch would be "fools" to bring the series, about an
FBI agent investigating the murder of a teenage girl, back to network

Of course, anything could happen in the future, particularly given
renewed interest in the show thanks to Netflix. Would you ever be
interested in returning to that creepy little logging town? Let us
know in the comments section below!

With the "success" (so far) of the Dallas and the recent 90210 revival,
I'll guarantee we'll see more of them coming. It's simple a sub-section of
the lazy-ass "reboot" / "remake" fad Hollywerid is currently stuck in
thanks to all the talentless hacks infesting the industry.  :-(
If it leads to them one day bringing back Alien Nation, I'm all for it.

I got that around the wrong way - it should have said that "reboots" are a
sub-section of the whole ressurect the past fad.

If it's a silly "reboot", then it won't be "Alien Nation" at all - it will
just be some very different, barely recognisable crap stupidly hiding
behind the original's name.  :-(

If they do it properly, as they more or less have with Dallas, 90210,
Doctor Who, the recent(ish) Knight Rider series and the first three of the
revived Star Trek shows, then you might be in luck, but those (and I think
that all of them) are the VERY few exceptions to the usual idiocy.