NBC should bring back 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'

TV Arts

With nothing new scheduled for their Thursday 9pm block in August, NBC
should avoid airing umpteenth repeats of My Name is Earl and the Office
and bring back the eminently breezy 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' for a
second season, beginning in August.  Already, the network has lined up
four episodes of the Office for this Thursday (June 1st) and the rest
of the summer won't get any better in that time slot.  Hit Me Baby
would be a perfect extro to the results show of America's Got Talent
which, for better or worse, will probably be the biggest hit this
summer.  (How can you go wrong with an American Idol schedule format --
Hour-long show, half-hour results show the next day -- and Regis
Philbin hosting?).  It'd also serve as a great segway to NBC's 2006-07
season (which needs all the help it can get, given another 4th place
showing for 2005-06).

Hit Me Baby One More Time, Thursdays at 9pm, beginning in August?  If
only NBC were that smart.
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