NBC turns down PETA Thanksgiving ad

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PETA Thanksgiving ad runs afowl of NBC standards
by James Hibberd

PETA is once again getting people to watch an ad by promoting that a
network "rejected" it. 

The effective (and cost-saving) technique this time is for an ad
called "Grace" that the animal rights group asked NBC to air during
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Only this time, NBC says PETA's claim that the ad was rejected wasn't
entirely accurate. 

"We did not reject the ad," an NBC spokesperson said. "We communicated
that we would consider airing the ad in certain time periods."

NBC would not allow the ad, which contains graphic descriptions of
poultry factory farming, to air during the parade or other family
viewing time periods. During late-night, however, the network would
consider airing the ad. The network sent this answer to PETA, sources
say, and the organization didn't reply. 

Here's the ad...

(By and by, if there's a vegetarian coming to your Thanksgiving
dinner, for God's sake don't buy a Tofurkey ... it's a well-meaning
gesture, yes, but Tofurkey tastes like slow cooked rubber bands ... if
you buy it, and we're the only vegetarian at the table, we feel
obligated to try and put a noticeable dent into its imposing dense
mass of fortified protein, so we sit there chewing it and try our best
to look appreciative while wishing we could just eat mashed potatoes
and green beans instead ... so: tasty meat-less side dishes will do
...and these guys are giving PETA free publicity.  Or, basically,
being PETA's bitches.

...and now I'll be getting a letter from PETA to stop insulting female
From: [email protected] (Jax) 
these guys are giving PETA free publicity.