NCIS Back Door Pilot

TV Arts

How about they just forget about it and kick it out the back door?
This was still more NCIS than back door pilot for whatever the show
was supposed to be that's being considered for the fall, so we
actually got nothing out of this "new show" premise, other than LL
Cool J's job is basically to stand in front of computer screens and
manipulate images and make it all seem like some kind of an awesome
job to have - borrrrrrinngggggg.

No show here at all, everybody just move along now.

Grade: 0 out of 10.

Is Fringe on yet?  Can't wait to also check out Reaper later on.
WOW!   You hated it.   Then it must be great, cause you are always WRONG!

Face it, you are the Joe Biden of RAT!     He's never been right either.
I think this is a stopped clock situation.  Nobody seems to like it.
Not quite.  I didn't love it...or hate it.  I'd give it a look if it gets 
picked up.  I didn't much care for the original NCIS right away.  Never 
cared for JAG that it was spun from either.  Depends on what's opposite and 
how many better or worse shows are airing.
It was lame.  The worst NCIS in two years, easy.