NCIS:LA (05/11/10) Question

TV Arts

OK, so I've been seeing promos for this week's "NCIS:LA" in which the
promos are claiming Hetty's job is in jeopardy, and in which she
offers to resign.

Is that because of what happened in last week's episode? Did Dom, in
fact, die when they tried to rescue him? If not, what happened last

Heddy wants to resign after the death of another agent. She lost someone 
a dozen years ago and finds losing another agent too much. And yes, Dom 
did die during the rescue attempt.
I only caught a little of last night's ep, including her scenes with G
and the Director. She's not really gone, is she?
I don't think so...not after her closing comment, "Oh hell, make it a 

Mikey :)
That's good. I like her more than the rest of them; she even makes
Chris O'Donnell palatable. Eric is my favorite character, though, not
least because he gets to wear shorts to work.