NOW you'll see who is the best country!

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The Lousiana hurricane will likely do $15b in damage, ruin many
people's lives, kill an unknown number.  But will ANY country offer
the U.S. help, as they did the countries hit by the Tsunami?  The
storm surges from this thing might be worse than that from the Tsunami
and potential damages (in dollars at least) are likely to be nearly as

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No, because they figure if a country can spend $300 billion on a war
half-a-world away, then they've got $15 billion to take care of their
own little hurricane mess. The poor shouldn't be feeding the rich
anyway, so what's your point?

Same reason why, if Bill Gates was mugged & all his money stolen, no
one would care.  Poor/middle income people like to see rich people get
screwed.  Same applies with countries.

Even if that's true, it's a poor analogy.  We're not talking about all 
of America being hit by a disaster, just a few cities.  So it's more 
like someone stealing $1 million from Gates.  He certainly wouldn't be 
happy about it, but he can afford it, and similarly the rest of the US 
can afford to help New Orleans and other Gulf Coast cities recover from 
this hurricane.

That's a good argument for the U.S. to stop stealing money from
workers' wallets and giving it to Japan or China or the European Union.

They can afford to help themselves.

That's enough from you. If you're going to act like RichA, you get
plonked like him. We don't need more political trolls.


And you think an insult like "troll" makes you better?  In my book
that's equivalent to calling me "asshole" or dumbass".

My last message was not trolling.  It's an actual belief of mine.  If
the Europeans/Japanese/et cetera refuse to help America in time of need
(basically turning their backs), why should we help them?  


Iraq should help us.
I strongly disagree: it would take about 3000 hurricanes to get an 
infrastructure as fucked up as Iraq's.
Ouch, did you really mean to demean your heroes, the insurgents, like
Good job discussing the topic.  Would you describe yourself as an 
anonyshit and a troll?
Well, one could argue that France should send money. They're the ones
who picked out the site for New Orleans. IIRC, originally they planned
to have Biloxi as the capital of New France, but moved it to New
Orleans because the weather was better!