New to Deja View this Fall (2007-2008): '80s sitcoms rule the roost

TV Arts

- The Cosby Show
- Facts Of Life
- Roseanne
- Who's The Boss?

Despite axing the "crescent moon" logo a few years ago CH becoming E!
(Canada), Deja View is going to continue ot use the outdated crescent
moon in their logo??? Mystery, too. Dumb.
Global axing the logo and CH becoming E!.....
How will Deja View work that in regards to their '80s sitcoms that
stretched into the '90s? Shows like Roseanne and Who's The Boss had
late-series episodes in the '90s. The cable channel is regulated to
_only_ show TV series from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Will they only
show episodes leading up to the 1990 series, or will the CRTC let them
pass, since the show began its run in the '80s?