Nip/Tuck Question

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I know Troy asked Kimber to marry him, but I didn't see an actual
wedding. Did I miss an episode? If so does anyone know which one?
You saw "Wesley Clovis" from December 16. The show resumed 10 pm
Wednesday, January 6, so you've missed two episodes, "Dan Daly" and
"Willow Banks".

Check On Demand, if available on your system, for last week's episode.

I haven't watched either so I don't know. No spoilers please!

Incidentally, epguides is now taking the resonable position that season 6
has resumed for a total of 19 episodes, whereas thefutoncritic is still going
by FX's bullshit press release counting a 10 episode season 6 and a 9 episode
season 7. There is no season 7; it was a 19 episode order for season 6.

Why 19 episodes and not 22 as they ordered for strike-interrupted Season 5?
Looks like they wanted to end on a nice neat 100th episode.
I saw last weeks ep, so maybe there was no actual wedding (you know
how that show jumps around). I dunno, guess I'll have to do some
checking to see if I missed another ep.

Too bad it's going away. I love NT!
Well, according to Wiki ep guide, I didn't miss anything.