OT: Help! My DSL Connection Sucks

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Is there a NG on Usenet to complain about DSL issues?

I've been having connection problems to Earthlink DSL now for 2 days 
straight now.  And that is after outages last week, and the week before, 
and the week before that.

But it's not clear it's Earthlink's fault.  The problems seem to be, not 
with Earthlink's server, but with the Verizon exchange carrier over 
which Earthlink is transmitting to me.

Thunderstorms causes the connection to drop.
Snowstorms causes the connection to drop.
A problem at the central office causes the connection to drop.
Low noise margins cause the connection to drop.

There's always another excuse why the signal isn't getting thru.

Do folks who have experience with both DSL and cable for Internet all 
prefer cable?
Strange.  My ISP has had occasional issues with its DSL provider
(Verizon), but it's usually a hardware thing that gets resolved within
a few hours.

Maybe you need to investigate getting another provider.  I like the
smaller, local ones.  They tend to be much more responsive when there's
a problem.