OT--To my friends here

TV Arts

We are leaving to evacuate from Gustav.

I do not know if my home will be here when I get back, so who knows if I'll 
ever be back at rec.arts.tv

Hey Jude!

You'll be back; we're counting on it!

Good luck!
Thanks Fred--times like these you get to see who really gives a damn
vehicles almost all packed and ready to go
I have to say good luck too. I know, from Rita, how hard it is to pack
up and leave hoping there'll be something to come home to.

Holy Crap! I had no idea he'd strengthened this much. Last I heard they
were predicting a Category 2 storm, now it's looking like a Category 4
all day tomorrow.
Thanks Mark

so you had to leave for Rita, too?

it is cat 4 now.......may soon be a cat 5!
Yes. Initial reports had thought there would be enough shear from the 
western Gulf to sap some of its strength, but now it's looking like that 
has diminished so it'll maintain major hurricane strength all the way to 

It's looking very much like Katrina Part III.

And Hanna looks to cross Florida in a few days as well.
Why are you still here?   Don't take any chances.  That's scary and I do
hope you and yours are kept safe.
Where are you?
I'm in New York so I just worry about blizzards but have an older brother
who went through Hurricane Andrew in Ft Lauderdale.   Unlike Michael Moore,
I don't wish that on anyone.
we are leaving in a few hours. thanks
Where you going?
deep in the heart of Texas
Wow, talk about damned if you do, damned if you don't. [1]

Good luck, Jude!

  -- Rob

[1] And I'm so totally not talking about anything but weather and