OT - free newsservers

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Can anyone recommend a good one?
Yes, but that would be off-topic here.
Is there anything particular about the "OT" in the heading that's
confusing you? You're part of the reason I have to insist on a free
newsserver btw. It's the principle of the thing. I can't justify paying
for something where I'll end up being annoyed by trolls and idiots a
minimum of 20 times a day.

Okay well now it all makes sense. You don't actually have anything of
value to add, you just want to post your bullcrap political sig as
frequently as possible.

(The positive side of having to use google is you really learn to
appreciate your killfile.)
I see. You _knew_ you were posting off-topic but thought that admitting 
it upfront would give you a pass. Sorry, that don't wash here. 

In other words, you're tired of losing debate after debate to me. Try not
to take it too personal in the future, mmkay?

Now now, no need to kill the messenger just because the truth upsets
you so much.
Apparently it confused _you_.

You knew it was off topic -- why did you post it here instead of
finding a newsgroup where it's on topic -- or, better yet, searching
Google Groups and reading one of the nine thousand million billion
answers from the other times it's been asked and answered?
"Stan Brown" wrote ...

Stan, that's plain stupid.  (1) You *have* to know a post is OT in
order to place an OT in the subject (2) there are nine thousand
million billion answers out there, which is a reason *to* post an
OT here, where all our friends are, to get one or two recommendations
that we know will work (3) as my and others' primary ng, we appreciate
having the post and its answers here as well.

David did well and followed usenet netiquette to the letter.
Exactly. So by posting something that you proclaim to be off topic,
you(*) thumb your nose at the newsgroup.

(*) That's "you" in general. I'm aware you didn't post the article
in question.
Only if the "group" objects. 

And so far, I've seen all of 2 people object.
It doesn't confuse me that the OT distinction was created for a
reason. It's not supposed to be abused but it's meant to give people
some leeway. Which I took. 

You're making a lot of bad assumptions. I searched google and found
websites that are purported to be search engines for newsservers but
don't really help. I also browsed through alt.free.newsservers but
it's a scarcely populated and troll-infested group and it doesn't help
that free newsservers keep appearing and quickly disappearing and need
to be tried out in an annoying trial and error process.

If you can't tell, this is a big waste of time (though I went through
the process anyway) when I could've just as easily asked one of my
friends here since they actually use these newsservers and would be
able to recommend me one in a few minutes. Of course this place used
to be a lot friendlier before it was invaded by loads and loads of
jerks, and even though I don't consider you one of them apparently
it's possible for their attitude to rub off.
And if David didn't ask the question, Milhouse would have not responded and 
I would not have found the great free newsserver I'm using now.  so it all 
worked out for good :)
You don't seem to understand that just putting "OT" in the Subject doesn't
mean you're free to post ANYTHING ANYWHERE.

Newsgroups are broken up into separate topics for a reason.  As someone
mentioned, there is a newgsroup for finding free newsfeeds.  The question would
be on-topic there.

It's not off topic.  I was watching TV and someone on TV mentioned that
there were newsgroups and that some were free.  Since it was on TV, that
makes this on topic.  At least that is what the nuts who go crazy with the
inane political discussions on here say.

Anything is mentioned on TV sooner or later. What's on topic is the
TV show, not anything and everything that might get mentioned on TV.
Thanks for making my  point.

Yes. And David's topic is much, much more relevant to this group's 
readership than any of the "inane political discussions", that's for 
Come on - asking about newsreaders in a newsgroup is not an unreasonable 
"OT" discussion (for pretty much *any* newsgroup). 

Ian  (Now, if he'd been talking about what he had for dinner last night, 
you'd have a point...)
Except the whole reason the "OT" distinction was created was so a
person could make off-topic posts as long as 1) they don't do it often
2) they're not trolling and 3) their aim isn't to incite a near-endless
flame war. Sadly for everyone here Ubiquitous frequently fails at all
three and yet sees no problem with policing others.

I have a good reason for posting it here. People here know me and I
know them. As you can see it worked. I know Jude and Milhouse and I
trust them and they helped me out probably much faster than some
stranger in another group would have.

(And if you're unhappy with what I'm doing well at least you can be
sure that it'll be months before I make another OT post. See, the
system works just like it's supposed to.)
For my part, I'm always in the market for a free newsserver, especially when 
the two I usually use fail me. See nothing wrong with an occasional OT 
post... and this is a pretty good newsgroup as newsgroups go. So, what the 

BTW, jest signed up with news.readfreenews.net and, yes, it DOES work!
alt.free.newsservers is a great place to look, but I recommend 
http://cust.readfreenews.net. Note that this is not for binaries.
Thanks Milhouse. You're the man.
I'm going to try this one out, Milhouse.
And so far, so good, if this post goes through--bye bye aioe.org
And so far, so good, if this post goes through--bye bye aioe.org