Obama giving primetime address next Wednesday

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President Asks for Primetime Slot in May Sweeps
By Josef Adalian

The President Obama Show will be making an appearance in the May

Officials from the Obama administration have asked the major broadcast
networks for up to an hour of primetime next Wednesday at 8, according
to sources familiar with the request. Mr. Obama wants the time for a
news conference outlining his first 100 days in office.

The end of those first 100 days comes on April 29, and at least one
cable news channel, CNN, had already announced plans for a major
Election Night-style coverage extravaganza.

By scheduling a press conference on the night, the president is
positioning himself to directly participate in the debate over his
early performance.

There’s no word yet on whether the broadcast networks will agree to
the White House request, though one network insider said it’s all but
a given they will.

Programmers have been peeved at President Obama’s numerous primetime
appearances since taking office, because every unscheduled speech or
press conference results in a loss of ad revenue.

The latest appearance falls on the first Wednesday of the May sweeps,
which means networks also will have to reschedule some key programming.
So the president's constant lectures about the failing economy are
actually, in part, casuing the economy to fail even more?
In actuality, they're helping the economy. Keeping the public appraised 
of the situation is instilling a great deal of confidence and it's 
confidence that can improve a failing economy.

An hour's worth of lost revenue is pittance...and he picked a better 
night. He won't piss off as many people by interrupting Lie To Me and 
Old Christine.

No they're not, liar. Better luck next time :)

 Keeping the public appraised