Obama press conference averages 49.5 million viewers

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Primetime Ratings: Obama Press Conference Averages 49.5 Mil Total
By David Tanklefsky 

President Obama’s first televised press conference averaged 36.9
million viewers across the four major broadcast networks and 49.5
million overall according to Nielsen ratings. The news conference
received a 30.8 household rating on eight networks (ABC, NBC, CBS,
FOX, Univision, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Bill Clinton's first primetime press conference in 1993 (when there
were three times fewer cable channels in the average home), was
carried by four networks and drew 64.3 million viewers with a
household rating of 42.1.  George W. Bush's primetime address in
October 2001 following the 9/11 terror attacks averaged 64.8 million
viewers across seven networks and got a 42.0.  

The conference went almost exactly an hour, starting at 8, and had
similar ratings across ABC (3.1/8), CBS (3.0/8), and NBC (3.1/8). ABC
was tops among total viewers with 11.5 million. Fox also aired the
press conference but finished fourth with a 2.2/6. The CW drew a 0.8/2
with a re-run of Gossip Girl.  

CBS won a close race with ABC, thanks in part to new episodes of Two
and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, which had a series high,
according to fast national ratings. 

CBS won the 9 p.m. hour with a 4.7/11 during their half-hour blocks of
Two and a Half Men (4.7/11) and The Big Bang Theory (4.6/10), the two
highest-rated show of the night. ABC’s The Bachelor drew a 4.2/10 over
the hour for second place. NBC and Fox ran close for third with NBC’s
Heroes (3.5/8) edging out 24 (3.4/8). The CW aired a re-run of One
Tree Hill (0.6/1).
CBS took the 10 p.m. hour, beating ABC by only one point with CSI:
Miami (3.9/10) edging the second hour of The Bachelor (3.8/10). NBC
was third in the time slot with Medium  (2.7/7).  
For the night, CBS won with a 3.8/9, closely followed by ABC’s 3.7/9.
CBS led in total viewers with 12.5. NBC finished third at 3.1/8 and
Fox was fourth at 2.8/7. The CW finished in fifth with a 0.7/2.
Yeah, if you put the same show on all of the network channels as wells as 
all the news channels, you are guaranteed a high rating. I for one watched 
other shows I had stored on the DVR until he was done. I get so tired of 
listening to politicians telling me what they think I want to hear ( read: 
lieing to me ), that I just don't watch them anymore.