Obama puts his kids on display for TV, then claims they need privacy

TV Arts

Barack Obama told Matt Lauer he regrets doing that nauseating interview 
with his daughters on "Access Hollywood" that made such a splash. Turns 
out he wants to keep them out of the public eye, and realized that 
dragging them onto an entertainment news show might not be the best way 
to go about doing that. Anyone see the logic here? He even flip flops on 
which puff pieces to do!
Is THAT really all you've got left?  Hysterical.  And pathetic...
In other words the only point you have is atop your head.
Ad hominem noted. Get back to us when you have a real argument to make.
You display all the originality of an NBC programming director.
No, I see your point, Ubi: you should write a very mean letter 
explaining to the producers of AH that they were OFF TOPIC.  Strangely, 
though, I'll bet nobody on that show will give a shit either!
Are you smoking pot in your parents' basement again, "trotsky",
or do you not quite understand how these things work?