Obnoxious product placement on Bones again!

TV Arts

Show just started, and they ALREADY did a sledgehammer product placement 
for the Toyota Whatever she is driving. Lingering shot on the logo, and 
then a total non-sequitor comment about the real-time MPG meter.

And this is even before the title sequence.

Damn that is annoying.
Some faggoty envirocar.  She's a millionaire in the tv series, the
only millionaires who drive those cars in real life are weirdo
Hollywoodites.  How about frigging Yelp.com in "Big Bang Theory?" THAT
was annoying.  Most amusing reference to the environment and
automobiles?  The son in Sopranos complaining about driving SUV's then
getting a BMW M3 from his dad!!
My wifes 6 year old GMC Envoy has a real-time MPG readout....nothing new 
there folks.

Mikey :)
Hell, 1965 Plymouth Barracuda (among others) had such gauges, though
they weren't very accurate.
They still aren't. They showed the MPG gauge to hype the '51 mpg' the 
thing supposedly gets.
But that's EXACTLY the kind of car her character would drive and make a 
point of!   It fit her so perfectly I didn't even think of it as 
"product placement" 8-)