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Now that I have that out of my system, I'll go back to TV.

Has anyone seen "18 to Life?"  It's a Canadian show about two teenagers who 
eloped.  The lived in their parents' house, which, of course, are right next 
to each other.  Harmless fluff and a pleasant change from so much in your 
face overacting and stereotyping that crawls across the tube.
No, but I very much want to - it stars Michael Seater and Stacy
Farber, and I'd *love* to see it.

(Out of curiosity, where did you see it?...)

Ian  (P.S. Farber looks to be a guest-star on this Friday's
Station is CBUT.  I get it in Seattle.   It is fluff without being sappy. 
One of the fathers is played by Peter Keleghan who played Ranger Gord on Red 

You're in luck.  Take a gander.

"CBC-TV comedy 18 to Life is to launch next month on the youth-oriented CW 
network in the U.S., CW announced Thursday.

The show stars Stacey Farber of Degrassi: The Next Generation and Michael 
Seater of Life With Derek as a young couple who decide to get married at 18, 
over the objections of their parents.

As they learn to deal with the challenges of marriage, their warring 
families struggle to influence the newlyweds.

The first season of 18 to Life aired this spring on CBC-TV. A second season 
is currently being shot in Montreal and will debut next January on CBC.

CW plans to begin airing the show Tuesdays beginning Aug. 3."

Ian  (P.S. Farber looks to be a guest-star on this Friday's
Cool. But I watch "Vampire Diaries" reruns and I've seen *NO* 
advertising to this effect. I would think if the The CW were going to 
run it in August, they'd already be advertising for it...
Is that the one that Peter Keleghan is in? If so, I'd enjoy seeing it, too.

Umm, pretty sure he's one of our Usual Canadian Suspects, if you catch
my drift...