Overnight Ratings - Wednesday 2/1/06

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For now, last week's Metered Market Ratings are from Zap2it.com 
and are included for general comparison purposes only.

Last week's Fast National Ratings (total viewers and adults 18-49)
came from Rick Kissell via Variety.com:


Overnight Ratings - Wednesday 2/1/06

Data from The Programming Insider: Thursday 2/2/06
By Marc Berman

Note: The following overnight results exclude the Providence market.

Metered Market Ratings

FOX: 13.8 rating/20 share (12.4/19)
CBS: 8.1/12 (8.4/13)
NBC: 6.2/9 (5.6/9)
ABC: 4.5/7 (7.2/11)
WB: 2.5/4 (1.9/3)
UPN: 1.5/2 (1.2/2)

Note: Overnight comparisons are excluded because the year-ago 
evening featured a Presidential Address.

Fast National Ratings (Live Plus Same Day data).

-Total Viewers:
FOX: 21.38 million (21.8)
CBS: 12.19 (12.7)
NBC: 8.32 (8.6)
ABC: 6.74 (11.7)
WB: 3.51 (2.9)
UPN: 1.78 (1.7)

-Adults 18-49:
FOX: 8.8/22 (8.8/21)
CBS: 3.8/9 (3.8/9)
NBC: 2.7/7 (3.4/8)
ABC: 2.4/6 (4.7/11)
WB: 1.5/4 (1.2/3)
UPN: 0.7/2 (0.7/2)

-Yesterday's Winners:
American Idol (Fox), Criminal Minds R (CBS), CSI: NY (CBS)

-Yesterday's Losers:
E-Ring (NBC), Still Standing (CBS), George Lopez (ABC), 
One Tree Hill (WB), South Beach (UPN), Yes, Dear (CBS), 
Freddie (ABC) -- all victims of the American Idol massacre

Marc's Notes: Although no one certainly expects Fox's Bones to fully 
maintain the American Idol lead-in, an 8.7/13 in the overnights (#2), 
12.61 million viewers (#2) and a 5.2/12 among adults 18-49 (#1) 
opposite a repeat of ABC's Lost is disappointing. Retention for Bones 
out of Idol was just 46 percent in the overnights, and 42 percent 
in both total viewers and adults 18-49 -- certainly not a positive by 
any means.

Growth for Veronica Mars out of South Beach of 50 percent in the 
overnights, 720,000 viewers and 50 percent among adults 18-49 
keeps it off the loser's listing.

8PM - FOX - "American Idol" - 18.9/28 (18.1/28)
         NBC - "E-Ring" - 5.4/8
                ("Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable", no data)
         CBS - "Still Standing" - 4.2/6 (5.1/8)
         ABC - "George Lopez" - 4.1/6 (4.2/6, hourly aver.)
         WB - "One Tree Hill" - 2.5/4 (2.0/3)
         UPN - "South Beach" - 1.2/2 (no data)

             ABC - "Freddie" - 3.7/5 (4.2/6, hourly aver.)

9PM - CBS - "Criminal Minds" (repeat) - 9.0/13
                 (new, 10.0/15)
         FOX - "Bones" - 8.7/13 (6.8/10)
         ABC - "Lost" (repeat) - 5.9/9
                 (new, 11.2/16)
         NBC - "The Biggest Loser: Special Edition" - 5.6/8 (5.4/8)
         WB - "Beauty and the Geek" (repeat) - 2.6/4 (no data)
         UPN - "Veronica Mars" - 1.8/3 (no data)

10PM - CBS - "CSI: NY" - 10.8/17 (9.9/16)
          NBC - "Law & Order" (repeat) - 7.4/12 (7.3/12)
          ABC - "Invasion" (repeat) - 3.5/6
                  (new, 6.1/10)

Shows ranked by Adults 18-49:

FOX - "American Idol" - 12.4/32
CBS - "CSI: NY" - 5.3/14
FOX - "Bones" - 5.2/12
CBS - "Criminal Minds" (repeat) - 3.8/9
NBC - "The Biggest Loser: Special Edition" - 3.6/8
ABC - "Lost" (repeat) - 3.4/8
NBC - "Law & Order" (repeat) - 2.8/7
CBS - "Still Standing" - 2.2/6
CBS - "Yes, Dear" - 2.2/5
ABC - "Freddie" - 2.0/5
ABC - "Invasion" (repeat) - 2.0/5
NBC - "E-Ring" - 1.8/5
ABC - "George Lopez" - 1.8/5
WB - "Beauty and the Geek" (repeat) - 1.7/4
WB - "One Tree Hill" - 1.3/3
UPN - "Veronica Mars" - 0.9/2
UPN - "South Beach" - 0.6/2

Shows ranked in order of ratings:

FOX - "American Idol" - 18.9/28 (30.15 million)
CBS - "CSI: NY" - 10.8/17 (16.16 million)
CBS - "Criminal Minds" (repeat) - 9.0/13 (13.28 million)
FOX - "Bones" - 8.7/13 (12.61 million)
NBC - "Law & Order" (repeat) - 7.4/12 (8.89 million)
ABC - "Lost" (repeat) - 5.9/9 (9.31 million)
NBC - "The Biggest Loser: Special Edition" - 5.6/8 (8.33 million)
NBC - "E-Ring" - 5.4/8 (7.74 million)
CBS - "Yes, Dear" - 4.2/6 (7.25 million)
CBS - "Still Standing" - 4.2/6 (7.03 million)
ABC - "George Lopez" - 4.1/6 (5.80 million)
ABC - "Freddie" - 3.7/5 (5.28 million)
ABC - "Invasion" (repeat) - 3.5/6 (5.38 million)
WB - "Beauty and the Geek" (repeat) - 2.6/4 (3.67 million)
WB - "One Tree Hill" - 2.5/4 (3.36 million)
UPN - "Veronica Mars" - 1.8/3 (2.14 million)
UPN - "South Beach" - 1.2/2 (1.42 million)


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The Four Ways - Have Show, Will Travel
My disdain for Marc Berman is starting to harden into an abject hatred. 

This is, unquestionably, his most *idiotic* statement to date. 


 - "Bones" had its highest ratings *ever*, for the 2nd week in a row
 - "Bones" increased by *1 million* viewers over last week
 - "Bones" increased its retention out of AI by almost 10% points 

Is Berman really *this* lame?! 


Gary Sinese continues to bring more people into the fold. 

I think they should just center this show around "sexy" Shemar Moore...  

See above. 

This is an excellent result. "Bones" odds of renewal are now cruising up 
to 70-80%. 

Ouch. That's really horrid for "Invasion", even in reruns. 

With results like this, ABC is pretty much justified in pulling it this 

For a new episode? "It's dead, Jim." 

And YD still leaves SS in the dust...  :) 

No good news for "Freddie" (or ABC comedies, in general) here. 

Ouch. Beaten by the *rerun*, following. 

Double ouch. 

I hope Dawn Ostroff is a *huge* fan, because that will be the only 
reason that VM will continue on to The CW. 

Triple OUCH. Even "Sex, Love & Secrets" did better than this...
I am convinced that Berman left his brain back at that TV convention in
Vegas.  And I've gone past the point of hating him, now I just pity

Bones is a great (and funny) show, and Berman just doesn't want to give
it any love.  Yes, it lost a lot of the Am Idol crowd, but any show

The real test is when Bones moves back an hour to kick off the night.
If it can top the struggling E-Ring, then I think it has a very good
chance of a 2nd season.
Almost every show FOX has put on after "Idol" (except "Life On A
Stick") has retained more of "Idol."
Stop looking at the relative ratios! 
Look at the *absolute viewer* numbers! "Bones" is kicking ass! 

Ian  (Do really think, say, "The O.C." would be pulling in 12.5 million 
after AI?! I don't think so!!)
Yeah, and if it got to air after the Super Bowl it'd score even

Last week:
"Lost" 19.1 million
"Criminal Minds" 15.4 million

This week:
"Lost" 9.31 million
"Criminal Minds" 13.28 million

So the two hit shows were in reruns and down 12 million viewers and
"Bones" was only able to increase by a million. Had "Lost" and CM been
new "Bones" would've been slaughtered.

Last week:
"American Idol" 32.1 million

This week:
"American Idol" 30.15 million

So despite facing reruns, and having 2 million fewer "Idol" viewers to
retain, "Bones"s retention % only increased 10%.
Like it was last week?

As I pointed out in an earlier post, the 2nd highest rated series on Fox
gets less than 50% of Idol's viewership, and the 3rd highest rated series
gets less than 40%.  '24' and House don't need to be behind Idol, they
need to be where they are helping Fox's ratings on other nights.  From
the ratings, it's unlikely that any other show on Fox besides them would
benefit from Idol more than Bones is.
Oh, so you're psychic now!!

Remind me again how "Bones" first start doing following AI, you Great 
Berman Brownnoser, you, hmmm?...
Crikey. That should read: 

 "Remind me again how "HOUSE" first start[ed] doing following AI...?" 

Ian  (The Greatly Confused and Absent-Minded One...)

1/25/05 ("House"s 1st post-"Idol" airing)
"Idol" 15.7/24
"House" 7.9/12

That's what, about 51%? Last week "Bones" was at 38%.
Yeah, cos: 

"American Idol" - 18.9/28  (last night)

AI is *way* up over last year. *Of course* "Bones'" retention will only 
by 40% (just over 40% last night, actually). 

But you're ignoring the point: 

Ratings like this make "Bones" FOX's #4 show (after AI, House and 24). 
And it held from week-to-week. 

Ergo, FOX will hold on to it. (And Berman's full o' cr*p...)
I got to agree with the others who defended Bones showing as pretty good.
It was 3rd for the night and 1st in the 9pm hour (18 to 49)
When "Idol" gets 30 million viewers, any show that follows it should
be 3rd for the night in 18-49s. Actually, with "Lost" and "Criminal
Minds" in reruns, any show worth keeping would be 2nd for the night.

Mr. Hole was sad all day long, he went to bed after dinner for a little
nap and didn't wake up till 6am, and but plus he missed all his shows
except Jimmy Kimmel.

Mr. Hole

The favor of your reply is requested.


"I once fought for two days with an arrow through my testicle."  Kingdom
of Heaven 

"You would make a destructive god, Mr. Hole, but as a human, you remain
pathetic and ineffectual." -- Heck
I bet missing "One Tree Hill" *really* hurt.
I don't watch that, but I missed Bones, and Freddie, and Mandy!!! I
might have to stop watching them now and record them and then build up a
stock pile of them so I can catch up and see all the eps in order once I
finally watch the eps from last night. It wouldn't be the first time I
made such a decision, as you know I take my tv viewing very seriously
unlike some people here.

Mr. Hole

The favor of your reply is requested.


"I once fought for two days with an arrow through my testicle."  Kingdom
of Heaven 

"You would make a destructive god, Mr. Hole, but as a human, you remain
pathetic and ineffectual." -- Heck
You're right. The one thing that bugs me about this group is the lack of 
If only you weren't such a Square...
I think it inappropriate for you to say such a thing to me during Black
History Month.

Mr. Hole

How about I send Garondo over to your house to kick your sorry ass up
and down the block with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Gobfather ice cream?
We'll see how long you'll be making with the smart remarks then
You're a black, Hole?
Oh, how very TYPICAL of yo David, you just start jumping to conclusions
don't you, I would think racial profiling would be beneath you but no,
first the rampant theft of intellectual properties and now this on
Groundhog Day of all days. you know I how depressed I get during the
holidays; I hope someone hurts you like this some day you evil person! I
might just fall off the wagon from this treatment.

Mr. Hole

The favor of your reply is requested.


"I once fought for two days with an arrow through my testicle."  Kingdom
of Heaven 

"You would make a destructive god, Mr. Hole, but as a human, you remain
pathetic and ineffectual." -- Heck
So you're a little furry creature who comes out of its hole once a
year to see its shadow? I respect that.

(And I can't say that I'm surprised)

NO, HOLE, DON'T!!! You're doing so good! It's been 26 days since
you've gorged on gummi bears!!
You really have to just scan for numbers and ignore Berman's
commentary. He seems to just copy and paste earlier comments and change
the occassional series title.  It seems like the phrase "Although no
one expects..." appears at least a few times a week.  And I agree with
your comments regarding "Bones" and "Yes, Dear."