PBS's "expose" of the private contractors in Iraq

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I just watched it.  I can't really say there is all
that much to be concerned about.  There may have been overcharging
by them, they may have untrained men in positions they shouldn't be,
there may not be enough oversite of the contractors by the army,
they may generate some animosity amongst the troops.
But the piece failed to indicate anything seriously wrong with the
concept of private contractors doing the jobs the army doesn't have
the man power to do.  The cleaning latrines bit was a good case in
IMO,  the piece was just more crying from people who KNEW risks of
that place, who (for some inexplicable reason) pretend they were
making $600-$1000/day for doing "easy" non-dangerous work.  The
families of the contractors who were killed deserve sympathy, but they
clearly understood what the situation was in Iraq and as the piece
pointed out about the ex-Seal trainer who was killed, they all knew 
that people taking these jobs would never earn that kind of money
stateside.  The best part of the piece was the idea of cutting back on
the luxuries afforded to the troops; Provinding this "U.S. peacetime
base" lifestyle is CLEARLY not a good way to maintain the idea of
being in a war and maintaining fighting readiness.  
One officer mentioned they made the same mistake in Vietnam.
From: [email protected] (RichA) 
they made the same mistake in Vietnam.