Poll:Book of Daniel Pilot 1/6/06

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What say you?

1  the affiliates who refused to air were the smart one
5  the next NYPD Blue

1. They don't have a right to censor one show because one group objects. 
If they don't like it, don't watch it. Simple. No one group can speak 
for the entire population.

2. The show is junk anyway. It's like a disfunctional version of Seventh 

It struck me more like /Desperate Housewives/ set among the 

And what's with all the bishops?
It seemed very much like 7th Heaven meets Desperate Housewives.

And desperate is the key word. The show seemed like it might have been
OK at half dose. Aiden Quinn is certainly charismatic enough to carry a
show, and the  supporting cast seemed competent enough (and of course
Ellen Burnstyn is always a welcome presence).

But every scene had some charactor spouting some grossly inappropriate
remark. The senile Grandmother referring to her husband as the "guy who
keeps showing me his penis," was SOOOOOO reminiscent of Bree declaring
that "Rex cries after he ejaculates," I couldn't believe it stayed in
the final cut. Particularly since it was so gratuitous.

Let's see, at the end of a 2 hour pilot we had: 2 pill popping priests,
a larcenous dead man with stuff shoved up his ass, two lesbians, a gay
man, a pot dealer, an alcholic pastor's wife, a promiscuous, incestous
adopted asian (and a male from China? How's they manage that?!?).

I'm sure I'm missing a few shockers, they all just piled up on each
over like cheerleaders at the Special Olympics. And it was just all too
much for me. Seemed to be trying way too hard to be contraversial.

Did they intend the stain-glass bumpers as a homage to the Wild Wild
West? Or was it coincidence.
I thought it had a Desparate Housewives feel to it too.... that crossed
with 6 Feet Under. The "artsy/druggie" daughter was reminiscent of
Claire. The 2 sons, one who is gay, reminded me of David and Nate and
the Dad always talking to Jesus was like the Fishers talking to the
deceased father.  However, it's not nearly as creative as 6 Feet and I
have a feeling the plotlines are going to wear thin quickly. But, I
found it entertaining at least.

This is a "I told you so" moment.

No ONE expects THE BISHOP!
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