Prison Break question *spoliers*

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So are we to assume The President and his brother were a little too,
uh, "Flowers in the Attic" here? She stopped the phone call listening
session when her brother said "..your touch...". Awkwaarrd!
I've always wanted someone better versed in stats than I to analyze the 
significance of those.  I know they aren't meant to be scientific, I'm just 
curious to know how unscientific they are (or if they are surprisingly 
representative somehow).

I can't recall, is she older as well?  Even weirder if she is, I guess.

I still can't believe I didn't see her announcement coming.  I mean, what 
else could she do?
So how did she manage to miraculously get a severe malignant cancer in the 
few seconds it took between Bill Kim's threat to her before she went up to 
the podium to give Michael and Linc their pardons? And is she now going to 
fake her own death of cancer in a few weeks after the new president is sworn 

Or are we supposed to believe that the cancer is genuine, even though we 
haven't had an inkling of a glimmer of a clue that she was sick prior to 
that moment?
Heck...Bush got y'all to believe that Saddam was a legitimate threat 
with stockpiles of WMDs just waiting to launch that attack with only 45 
minutes warning.

You slurped that up easily enough. Faking medical documents wouldn't be 
much more difficult.


She wouldn't need to fake anything.  Medical records are confidential, 
aren't they (especially those of ex-Presidents)?  All she has to do is go 
into seclusion and then tell reporters in a couple of years that she's in 
miraculous remission.
I was thinking she'd finally decide to do the right thing but
Kellerman would shoot her. I guess he ended up being a red herring.
Actually, I expected Kim or one of his flunkies to shoot her and then fake 
it up as an assasination: a rogue Secret Service agent who went insane or 

I still can't figure out why Kellerman was on that ledge with a sniper rifle 
and why he didn't shoot her. He was obviously planning something since he 
killed the Secret Service agent with the rifle.

It seems clear to me that this episode was intended primarily to extricate 
Patricia Wettig from the series so that she could put all her energy into 
Brothers and Sisters. Now they can create another puppet of the conspirators 
to be the new president but not have issues of availability for the actor 
like they do with Wettig.
It looked to me like there were always too many people moving in
and out of his line of sight for him to get a clear shot.  If
Michael hadn't caused the flesh-pressing appearance to be cut
short, Kellerman might well have been able to drop her eventually.
What was the significance of SOMA?