Puerto Rican Jew Geraldo Rivera

TV Arts

Has everyone been watching this greasy bastard promoting the cause of
illegal immigrants?


http://www.newnation.com/index2.html  New Nation News
Hello Hank. Geraldo Rivera is an ethical journalist and happens to be
an attorney too. He's American and he speaks his mind; it's his 1st
Amendment right. Even you have ancestors from other countries and
probably have a religion too; we gave them a chance to live in the USA,
hence your birth, and your 1st Amendment right to speak your mind and
practice your religion without being shot or persecuted. What's your
gripe with giving other hard working dreamers who happen to be from
other countries a chance?
He has an irrational hatred of people who are different from him.  I'm 
guessing he probably believes in some crazy conspiracy theories.   He 
also may have a low IQ and might even be the product of incest and have 
a history of mental illness.
Let me guess. You're a Bushy.
Good lord, where are you getting THAT, lol--S.