Q: Name of UPN or WB SF show in 1990s?

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I am trying to recall a name of a show in the 1990s. I think it lasted
less then a season and iirc wasn't a bad takeoff of the X-Files. It was
about a health organization I think the CDC going around the country and
world looking for serious illnesses and opposing this group was a group
that wanted to wipeout mankind or most with viruses.

Anyone recall if the bad guys were ecoterrorists or  people who wanted a
world just for themselves and their followers? And the name of the show.

IIRC it had no conclusion.
Probably "The Burning Zone"
And wasn't there a sentient virus?
Ah, I sorta remember that one; it ran for what, about 10 minutes or so?
Just a few eps short of a full season, actually.
"The Burning Zone" ran for one season, from September 1996 to May

NBC Universal's mystery/crime cable channel Sleuth is currently airing
the series weeknights at 6PM Eastern.