Question about cable carriage in Canada

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A friend was just in the Gananoque, Ontario area this past
weekend, and had hoped to watch the Elijah Harper movie on
Sunday evening. She was surprised to discover that CTV is
not on basic cable in Gananoque. Her theory was that maybe
because CTV's programming is mostly from the U.S., and the
cable system already had the three big U.S. networks, they
didn't see a need to carry CTV.

I know the CRTC mandates carriage of some channels, such
as APTN. Do they not worry about the broadcast networks?
Any other theories as to why that cable system wouldn't
have had CTV, or at least not on the basic tier? 

My friend and I are genuinely curious, so if you'd like
to insert the usual rants about the CRTC, please do so
after we get some real answers, so that I don't have to
plow through all the tangential postings to get the
information we're looking for. Thanks!

Which cable company was it?  I would expect Gananoque to get CJOH,
CTV's Ottawa affiliate.  How odd.
Not every location in Canada has a CTV affiliate on basic cable. Roger's 
Cable in Newfoundland doesn't have a CTV affiliate on its most basic 

Isn't ATV or whatever it's called now part of CTV?  I thought that's
where it ended up after the great shake up of a couple of years ago.
ATV is not on Roger's basic cable. ASN is.

If ATV was on basic sister would be able to watch Lost right 
now and not 3 hours from now on ABC....oh...and I now know who was in 
the casket....