RATINGS - Legend of the Seeker? and Final episode

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Anybody know how LotS did this past year.  The only information I can
find is that scored 2.0% during its first half-year - about the same
as Babylon 5 used to do (and about 1.0 lower than DS9).   Did the
ratings drop since then?

BTW I thought the final 3 episodes were excellent.  Great way to end
the show - going out with a bang.

The author of the books, Goodkind, is trying to get the show renewed
although things look rather bleak right now.  Apparently he likes how
Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert adapted the story for TV.
Ooops... found this:

7-Nov-09 				2.6 million
14-Nov-09 			2.2 million
21-Nov-09 			2.5 million
28-Nov-09 			2.4 million
5-Dec-09 			2.3 million
12-Dec-09 			2.7 million
2-Jan-10 	R 	1.4 	2.0 million
9-Jan-10 		1.5 	2.3 million
16-Jan-10	1.5 	2.3 million
23-Jan-10	1.6 	2.4 million
30-Jan-10 	1.7 	2.6 million
13-Feb-10 	1.7 	2.6 million
20-Feb-10 	1.5 	2.1 million
27-Feb-10 	1.5 	2.2 million

Tribune cancels the show here.

20-Mar-10 	1.7 	2.3 million
27-Mar-10 	1.7 	2.4 million
10-Apr-10 	1.3 	2.0 million
17-Apr-10 	1.5 	2.3 million
24-Apr-10 	1.7 	2.4 million
1-May-10 	1.3 	2.0 million
8-May-10 	1.5 	2.2 million

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The show ended on a high note.  A real shame that we won't get another 
season.  Not sure why Syfy wouldn't want to a run at picking it up. Seems 
like a logical fit.

LotS was a nice escapism TV.  It sucks that we have any other fantasy 
shows on TV.

Times have changed since Xena/Hercules had their long syndication runs.  
I just don't see that happening ever again.
For the same reason they couldn't rescue Babylon 5: Crusade after it
was canceled - their budget is already assigned to other shows, and
there's nothing left over to fund another one.
If the Syphilitic Channel wanted to air sci-fi and/or fantasy, sure. 
Since they're not....