RIP King of the Hill

TV Arts

After 13 great seasons, the sweetest funniest animated show comes to
an end.

Goodnight sweet Bobby Hill, the best character on television
Sean, it's not done yet.

Its current FOX run will end next season.

And there's talk of maybe moving it to ABC, and resuming production,
before then.
Why is FOX cancelling KOTH but renewing American Dad, which is as
funny as watching horses stumble over each other on a race track ?

If it's ratings, why would they be better for KOTH on ABC than on

Can't argue with taste.
Because FOX has a multimillion dollar deal with AD's creator Seth
MacFarlane, who also has a little show that night called Family Guy...

Plus, AD's ratings > KOTH's ratings (though not by a lot)
In article

KOTH has so many seasons new ones may not bring in new money in
syndication/overseas sales (stations being satisfied replaying the
current 200+ episodes), it may not do well on DVD, production costs
might be higher, etc.