RIP -- Little Orphan Annie hanging up her singular dress on June 13

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After 85 years, it's time to say goodbye to Annie the comic strip.

Little orphan Annie has been hanging out with Peanuts gang and
Garfield since 1924, but now, the comical red head will have her last
adventure on the printed page on Sunday, June 13th.

Sad, but she had a good long career!

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She should contact the eye bank, while she's at it.

Poor Annie. She'll probably land a man before that LOSER Cathy does.
Hangning up her dress should help. Speaking of which..... anyone like
heard from Roman Polanski lately?
From: [email protected] (Taylor) 
anyone heard from Roman Polanski lately?
In article 

Check the IMDb main page.  Actress Charlotte Lewis just came out and 
claimed he raped her when she was 16, 4 years after he skipped the 
country on that other rape conviction.
The age of consent is 15 in France, she was 16 when she got together
with Polanski. It was above the board. She also didn't mind working
with him several year later. A "molestation"? More like she used "the
casting couch analogy" and was ashamed by her slutty, immoral actions;

She knew he had a yen for under-aged girls.
In article 

Not if she didn't consent.

 She also didn't mind working

I agree there's something dodgy about the whole thing; of course Gloria 
Allred raises a huge flag.  Why are they bringing this to the attention 
of the LA prosecutor?  Neither Lewis nor Polanski are American citizens, 
it happened in Paris, and the French *like* rapists.
In other words, "Yeah, she deserved to be raped! I bet she WANTED it,