Re: Doris Roberts never takes her clothes off

TV Arts

Just like Fran Drescher 8-(
Gah! That woman must look like a sack of antlers!
Victory?!? What victory?

the only winners in this, the longest, costliest, and most completely
pointless war in US history are Dickless Cheesy and his Haliburton
the ruling class loves to tell us how "wars are good for the economy"
but that's only true if you own a bullet manufacturing company.

Senator come and take my hand
And see the flames that you have fanned
A blood red symphony in sand
Remember that Jonestown smell ?
It could have been Afghanistan
The slow destruction of Sudan
Not to be found in published plans
A corporate genocide

By night the US planes descend
Deals are struck with pay roll friends
An arms bazaar that never ends
And the Russians land by morning
Militia men are throwing dice
For a days hand full of beans and rice
Wiring an old Soviet device
To work like a Claymore mine

When everything is blown to hell
They'll sit down by the cholera well
And drink the poison from mortar shells
Fired off that day
Can you feel the stomach cramps
Two million in internment camps
We're complicit in our negligence
Of all these holocausts

Nestor, who used to believe in "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" 
but not any more.

Copyright by Charlie, Jez, Mark, Jon, Si and Matt. 2009
Yeah man - God, I miss the Bay City Rollers...

What happened to the counter-culture north of the Mersey ?  If you can't 
think of at least one Levellers song I might start to think that you're 
either senile or (shudder) middle class.
But I know it's a joke.  Isn't it ?


p.s.  Who the feck is Doris Roberts?
Is that who it was? The Levellers? They're a pretty 'right-on' bunch
them lot aren't they!!!

But relevant Nestor, relevant!!! Also, I'm actually on the south side
of the Mersey...