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  Yes the movies worked wonders for 'em back in the 60s.
  And speaking of movies, recall the controversial 'FOX'
  network production of 'Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land
  on the Moon?' which first aired on February 15th 2001
  (and was shown again some days later). I'd videotaped
  this at the time, and made some DVD copies and passed
  it around to skeptic friends. It was pretty well done,
  albeit only cursory treatment was given to the myriad
  and glaring discrepancies prevalent throughout NASA's
  patently impossible "men to the moon" fish story (as
  would become entertaining fodder for 'Capricorn One').

Nearly *four* decades have elapsed since 1969, thirty-five
years since 1972. The Apollo missions were all unmanned as
the evidence shows. A mere few hundred miles above sealevel
is as far above Earth's surface that JPL/NASA's "horseless"
carriages have EVER been. Every "manned" moon landing back
in covered-wagon times was nothing but cold-war propaganda
for the unsuspecting all evidence demonstrates.
It's a proven fact NASA's six allegedly-manned half-million
miles per round-trip(!) missions to the Moon (1969-72) were 
at best unmanned flights in competition with the U.S.S.R.'s
contemporaneous Soviet Luna/Lunakhod unmanned Moon missions
(frankly, only feeble-minded jackasses believe the contrary).

"They couldn't make it so they faked it." Thus, the "manned"
portions of the missions were in fact filmed under the top-
secret, heavily-guarded domed soundstages in the high desert
of Area 51, NV, perhaps around Pine Gap, AUS and maybe other
remote and publicly-inaccessible locations around the world.

     Flags fluttering in the high-desert breeze, sand
     buggies & actors running along in their deflated
     monkeysuits-obviously recorded on highspeed film,
     conspicuous absence of blast craters, impossibly
     silent running under invisible exhaust emissions,
     brazenly obvious backdrops that contrast sharply
     against the nearby high-desert terrain ad nauseam!

The Moon is FAR BEYOND the reach of manned spacecraft, to wit:

                       (not to scale)

   x------Moon's mean geocentric distance ~239,000 miles---x
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |      
   |                                                       |
   ~                  ~214,000 MILES                       ~
   ~                   ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^                       ~
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   x------High-altitude orbit ~25,000+ miles altitude------x
   |                                                       |
   x------Geostationary orbit ~22,300 miles altitude-------x
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   ~                   ~10,000 MILES                       ~ 
   ~                                                       ~
   |                                                       |
   x------Mid-altitude orbit ~12,500 miles altitude--------x
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   ~                   ~10,000 MILES                       ~
   ~                                                       ~
   |                                                       |
   x------Low-altitude orbit below ~1200 miles altitude----x
   x------JPL/NASA Space Shuttle orbit ~300 miles altitude-x
   x------Intl. Space Station orbit ~220 miles altitude    |
   x------Earth's sea level -0- miles altitude-------------x

To give you an idea of the scale involved, if each hard line 
break in the chart below equals roughly 10,000 miles, to wit:

   x------Moon's mean geocentric distance ~239,000 miles---x
   |                       230,000                         |
   |                       220,000                         |
   |                       210,000                         |
   |                       200,000                         |
   |                       190,000                         |
   |                       180,000                         |
   |                       170,000                         |
   |                       160,000                         |
   |                       150,000                         |      
   |                       140,000                         |
   |                       130,000                         |
   |                       120,000                         |
   |                       110,000                         |
   |                       100,000                         |
   |                        90,000                         |
   |                        80,000                         |
   |                        70,000                         |
   |                        60,000                         |
   |                        50,000                         |
   |                        40,000                         |
   |                        30,000                         |
   x------Geostationary orbit ~22,300 miles altitude-------x
   x------Mid-altitude orbit ~12,500 miles altitude--------x
   x------Low-altitude orbit below ~1200 miles altitude----x

Thus the low-earth shuttle orbit would fit somewhere between
the center and baseline of the bottom 'x'--hardly visible at
all at this scale. And yet, that is the highest altitude any
manned flight has ever successfully sustained for any length
of time.  But the "men to the moon" fairytale devotees don't
want to face up to these and other glaring facts in evidence:
*Altitude Comparison Chart of Shuttle vs. Moon & Manmade Satellites:
 http:[email protected]s.poster

*Apollo Moon Missions 1969-1972 Were At Best *Unmanned*:
 http:[email protected]

*Quasi-Uncensored Apollo Moon Hoax Bookmarks:
 http:[email protected]

Remember, because this particular evidence regarding the laser
reflectors (which are indisputably on the surface of the Moon)
has been repeatedly cited as "proof" that living human beings
have actually been to the Moon and back (i.e., only by badly-
educated cowards who were duped by NASA's propaganda machine),
but were in reality *unmanned* missions at best that occurred
nearly FOUR DECADES ago, I'll briefly address this issue one
more time for the benefit of conscientious lurkers out there: 
"Lunokhod 1 was the first successful Soviet remote-
 controlled moon rover that was carried to the Moon
 by Luna 17. It was launched November 10, 1970. The 
 rover had eight wheels. 
"The Luna 17 spacecraft landed on the moon on November
 17, 1970. Lunokhod 1 weighed just under 2,000 pounds
 and was designed to operate for 90 days while guided
 by a 5-person team. Lunokhod 1 explored the Mare
 Imbrium for 11 months and traveled 11km and relayed 
 television pictures and scientific data. 
 Lunokhod 2 moon rover was an improved version of
 Lunokhod 1. It was carried to the moon on Luna 21
 and landed on January 16, 1973. Lunokhod 2 was faster
 and carried an additional television camera. It
 travelled 37km in only 8 weeks." [end quote]
"Lunokhod 1 went to the Moon aboard Luna 17. Its
 eight wire-mesh wheels each has its own electric  
 motor to allow manoeuvring in tight spaces, and so
 failure of a single motor did not prevent it from
 The lidded box at the left is a French-built laser
 reflector. It was used to reflect back to Earth a
 laser beam, making it possible to measure the
 distance between the Earth and Moon to an accuracy
 of twenty to thirty centimetres" [end quote]
"There is an additional high-level TV camera for
 panoramic photography, and all lenses have
 improved sunshades.
 The small silver box between the front wheels is
 an alpha particle emitter which can be lowered
 onto the Moon to measure soil composition. Like
 its predecessor, Lunokhod 2 carries a French
 retro-reflector for use with a laser beam
 transmitted from Earth. It allows the Earth-Moon
 distance to be measured to an accuracy around 20
"the cone-shaped antenna keeps communication with
 Earth while the drill arm sits in its rest position
 on the right. The sample will be taken by rotating
 the drill head by one hundred and eighty degrees,
 lowering the drill arm to the surface and extracting
 a core sample.
 On returning to the rest position, the sample is
 transferred to the return capsule and sent back to
 Earth" [end quote]
Therefore the Soviet Lunokhod I/II-Luna XVII/XXI missions
both successfully landed their unmanned remote-controlled
lunar-rovers a.k.a. dune-buggies on the Moon: in the same
time frame as the alleged "apollo" missions were supposed  
to have occurred. These remote-controlled Russian buggies
placed French- made laser reflectors on the Moon! Another
Soviet unmanned mission, Luna XVI, landed on the Moon and 
returned a soil sample to the Earth by September 24, 1970:
from the Moon, unmanned, programmed and remote-controlled.

So laser-reflecting corner prisms were placed on the Moon
by unmanned probes and a 100g x 35 cm soil sample drilled
out from the lunar surface was sent back to Earth by this
earlier of these unmanned missions all in the early 1970s.
This completely and absolutely destroys any argument that
lunar soil samples or lunar laser reflectors "prove" that
men were on the Moon. Rather, as with all other evidences
cited allegedly supporting of the "apollo" missions, upon
precise examination the same evidence proves at least the
"manned" portions of these apollo missions were definitely
hoaxed. Men NEVER went to the Moon, because men have NEVER
achieved and survived sustained altitudes much above about
five or six hundred miles above Earth's sea level. Got it?
Remember, the Moon is almost a quarter million miles away--
that's *HALF A MILLION MILES ROUND TRIP*! Get the picture?

By contrast, the Russians proved that they did send their 
unmanned probes to the Moon to wit: the presence of laser
reflectors left thereon by the aforesaid Lunokhod buggies. 
It could be argued that the lunar soil samples were faked
somehow, but laser reflecting corner cubes are irrefutable 
evidence that unmanned robotic probes put them there. See?
At least, the demonstrable presence of the "apollo" laser
reflectors proves the American space program successfully
sent some UNMANNED probes to the Moon -and- has continued
to launch many unmanned instruments into space ever since.
All these missions are UNMANNED. Why? The Sun, that's why.
That's why they NEVER send men into outer space. Not once.
Otherwise, they'd fry to a crisp in the intense radiation.

Clear Skies! 
Daniel Joseph Min
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