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TV Arts

Of all the Captain Infinitys I've known, "Captain Infinity" is the
Captain Infinityiest. 

In our credit, we tried to pawn Billy Crabs off on you guys, but he came
cant you just send billy to
Dave who are you?  At least I know the name Billy Crabs, you're just a
guy who I'm asking myself "Who is he, and how does he know Billy Crabs,
I've read Billy Crabs posts, I bet this jackass replied to Billy Crabs
and thought I would remember him."

Billy Crabs has something you don't, I don't know what it is exactly,
but he has it and you don't.  

I also have "it".
Yeah, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it "Dave Hillstrom"!!  You are
the one who is a zero, infact, that should be your name, "Zero Hillstrom"
because it represents your I.Q.,  the number of friends you have, and I'll
bet it's also the number of times you've been laid.  I hope that by the end
of the day that you find yourself in the position where your naked ass is
repeatedly smacked with a tennis rackett by the entire team of the New York
Yankees and a bunch of  heavy set Asian tourist stand around watching and
laugh at you while they are taking pictures with their Nikon cameras and
they go home and show the photos to friends and family and you become the
joke of Hong Kong. It will sound like this " Ying pah tong sung New York
Yankes ching lau su pong Dave hillstrom" and then they'd laugh and laugh and
laugh and the story would be passed down from generation to generation and
they'd be telling it forever! So, how do you like that!
I think you Spanked him.

which shows just how much you get around usenet, steve.

which means you are ignored by 95% of the people who subscribe to this
group.  how nice for you!
Just shows you're a unknown loser trying impress me by saying you know
Billy Crabs.

Scram kid.

This is why you need to filter out atr-w and aft-s.

No joke.

Captain Infinity
spewed in

pretty sad snipping there.  luser.

and who in this world would WANT to know billy crabs???  not i.  maybe you
should work on your reading comprehension, steve.

and arent you one of the alt.flame wannabes that quit because it was too
hard for you?  choosing instead to go to easier groups where you wouldnt be
such a complete punching bag?
Of all the ANIM8Rfsks I've known, "ANIM8Rfsk" is the ANIM8Rfskiest. 

Why?  I've always liked Bruce Boxleitner.
in article [email protected], Wavy G: Prettiest Boy


The only REAL scarecrow is Patrick McGoohan!
I agree, The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh was brilliant!

The Joker in the Eeeeeeevil Cabal Deck of Cards.

OZ: So... do you guys steal weapons from the Army a lot?

WILLOW: Well, we don't get cable, so we have to make our own fun.
Billy Crabs is a good friend of mine, he has something you don't have,
he has "it", I also have "it".

This is why people like me, Billy Crabs, and Wavy G don't like you.

Now scram, you little punk kid.
spewed in alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk:

and this is important to the world how exactly?

i bet you want me to ask you what "it" is, dont you.

that wasnt an answer.  and i believe wavy g likes me just fine.  we have
fun at least.  i luvs my wavy g!

you just keep saying that.  maybe someday it will come true.
Of all the dave hillstroms I've known, "dave hillstrom" is the dave

If it's late and I've had too much to drink.

you know you lurve me, baby.  <wink>
It's really not, but thanks for asking.

No, not really.

It's funny that you idolize Wavy G, the guy who emulates Asshole Lee
OOOO, that dead kid that died.

Of all the Steven Perkoffs I've known, "Steven Perkoff" is the Steven

Assholeleeoooo was my best friend.  I loved him.  And he loved me.  He
even wrote a song about me.  I still have "The Wavy G Dis" mp3 on my
computer, and I play it whenever I feel down.  Even though the first
minute-and-a-half of the song are about himself, it really showed how
much he cared about me.  

Sometimes, late at night, I look up to the stars and I wonder if he is
up there, looking down upon me.  Then I feel a warm breeze float by,
followed by an odd smell, and I know that it's him.
That's telling Perkoff what is, Hillstrome.
Of all the H.I.V. Steves I've known, "H.I.V. Steve" is the H.I.V.

Dave is from aavfff.  How he got this, I have no idea.
oh, go ahead, g.  ruin my plot.  fie upon thee.  fie i say!