Re: Question: why are the liberal Democrats (so stupid!)

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So you're saying that the liberal Democrats should have won the
elections according to media poll numbers, instead of by votes?
There are no excuses for failure.  Liberal Democrats must want to
lose.  There is no other explanation.  Otherwise, why do liberal
Democrats keep saying and doing such stupid things, like with
their tabloid "green alien space baby" conspiracy theories?

There are actually liberal Democrats who believe that hurricane
Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans was caused by the Bush
administration.  Many of them also believe that 9/11 was caused
by the Bush administration.  The liberal Democrats lose the 
elections and blame it on "stolen votes."  Do they even realize
how completely insane that sounds to the average American voters?
The liberal Democrats say, vote for us, because we are completely
off our rockers.  If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a
duck, odds are pretty good it's a duck.

We can always tell who the liberal Democrats are around here. 
They get really upset when others talk about why the liberals
keep losing the elections.  Not by rising and falling "poll
numbers," which don't count for beans, but by votes.

That was my original question, why are the liberal Democrats so
darned good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, by
throwing away their opportunities to win elections at the drop
of a hat?  They must unconsciously want to lose.

I am talking about votes.  Liberal Democrats can only talk about
poll numbers and desperate conspiracy theories.  No wonder they
keep losing elections.  Because deep down inside, they want to

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When the corrupt party has control of the vote counts, it's not unusual
for the other party to amazingly lose by a small amount even though the
polls said they were in a strong lead. 9/11 was caused by the Bush