Re: Warner Bros looking for stories for "Twilight Zone" movie

TV Arts

And let the Vic Morrow "How did you know Vic Morrow had dandruff?
Because they found Head & Shoulders in the bushes." jokes begin. As
well as the (justified?) John Landis backlash rehash.
Hmm, doesn't seem to be happening:
"Round here, with all the movie Smart-People, about the most action you 
could expect would be historical-revisionist complaints that the Landis 
segment really WAS the closest to the feel of the original show (what 
the hell was Spielberg thinking??)...
Followed by some wistful sighs about what happened to Landis's 
directorial ability after the accident, and why he went so loopy in the 

...Boring stuff?  Too cerebral?  Sorry, can't help ya--That's our speed, 
round these parts.
You might want to try the "Wacky Borsch-belt celeb-bashing" group in the 
back, over by the gay Gossip groups--They're the ones serving those 
fruity girl-drinks, with the little umbrellas in them.

Derek Janssen (Landis-accident jokes, whew, haven't heard those since 
high school)
[email protected]