Reasons I stopped watching GLEE

TV Arts

By Peter Finocchiaro 

For all its popularity, "Glee" sometimes has trouble keeping even its
most devoted fans happy.

"This is a program with the potential to be one of the most memorable TV
series of all time, yet it keeps undermining itself with dumb plotting
and inconsistent character motivation." -- MediaPost's Gary Holmes 
"'Glee' has a habit of discarding plots with weeks of potential, somehow
only clinging to awful plot lines ... The more crazy things that happen
to the characters, and the more often those crazy things are squeegeed
away in a single clumsy stroke, the less we care about what happens for
the characters." -- The Pacific Northwest Inlander's Daniel Walters 

"[Tribute episodes] feel less like continuations of the show's ongoing
story than glorified interruptions ... [meant to] generate buzz and sell
MP3s." -- Salon's Matt Zoller Seitz 

"The subtle ways 'Glee' once handled such important issues somehow
evolved into overly heavy-handed, maudlin public service announcements."
-- The Atlantic's Kevin Fallon 

"Are you ready for another after school special? Well, it doesn't really
matter, because 'Glee' is determined to give it to you." --'s Kelsea Stahler 

"We don't get why the Glee people, many of them musical-theater
veterans, can't sound as unplugged as that magical bass guitar Kevin
McHale's Artie is always thumping on." -- E! Online's Joal Ryan 

"What had been a musical comedy with at least one toe dipped in real
waters now seems to be an over-produced, overly Auto-Tuned variety show
that exists merely to sell downloads -- USA Today's Robert Blanco 

"'Glee' is a musical that is at its least endearing during the musical
numbers." --Newsweek's Joshua Alston
Wow - when have we ever seen that from a Ryan Murphy show