Red Bull Commercial Question

TV Arts

I saw this on Ugly Betty tonight, and I'm wondering.  Does anyone
think it is a good idea to show someone drinking your product and then
immediately dying?

"Curse you, Don Tickles, Notary Public!"
Not having seen that ad, I'll answer more generally:

Yes it can be in the sense of 'Good Idea' == 'Increases Sales'. It was 
brought up in the Mad Men pilot even though the proposal was shot down. 
Sometimes advertising the danger excites and attracts people.

 Assume a correlation between high energy drinkers and people who do things 
like Stupid Human Tricks and extreme sports it might well just work.
What about the DirecTV "Poltergeist" commercial? Do they see some
benefit in reminding viewers of a little girl's tragic death 20 times
during a football game?
I can't believe Craig T. Nelson agreed to do it.  I wonder if Heather's 
family had a say?
I wondered if I was the only one who was shocked that they would use that 

Yeah, I thought that was in pretty bad taste.
No, you're not.  I thought the use of the little girl was a serious
misjudgment on their part.