Reviewers have not screened Simpson Movie until this week-- the sign of a BOMB.

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Reviewers (the few reputable ones left) will tell you- whenever a
studio waits this long to screen a new film to reviewers, 99% of the
time it's because they know it's a bomb.
([email protected]) writes:
Not to drag this through the mud again, someone posted just the
same basic thing last week, an alternative is that The Simpsons
have so saturated our society that reviews, good or bad, won't
make much impact.  

Enough people watch the show already that they'll be intrigued to
see the familiar characters on the Big Screen.  Not unlike when
all the kids at school rushed out to see the first Charlie Brown
movie circa 1969.

They don't need a review to tell them about the basic premise,
they are very familiar with the show.  They don't need a reviewer
to tell them that such a film exists, they've seen the ads while
watching the show.

Reviews are far more important to an obscure film that nobody
has heard about.