Rita Cosby show cancelled - MSNBC Investigates in its place

TV Arts

Why did they do this? I understand dumping Rita. Thats a brilliant move. 
But what did Abrams do? He put Investigates in its place? Why not The
Most? Why not a plain news hour? Why not Ethical Edge? 

Also is it that smart to put Carlson at 6pm? Did the Abrams Report with
Susan Filan crash that must? 

Abrams I am convinced is a freaking retard  putting MSNBC Investigates
from 10-12 midnight. All these are are months old to years old Dateline
segments.  Also putting Carlson on at 6pm is also idiotic.

Abrams who should have been fired on July 4th for not doing extensive
live coverage of the North Korean missle launches instead he put on

Why not keep Live and Direct and have it be called Chris Jansing Live
and Direct? 
Jansing is so, so much better then Cosby.

Abrams is turning into a retard and will cause a good station which it
has been for the last year to crash and burn. 

Also he needs to dump repeating the 4/5pm shows at 6/7pm. 

My schedule would be:
6-9am Imus
9-5pm News
5-6pm Legal show
Few people care.

MSNBC doesn't have enough viewers that it should matter 
what program airs when.