Rory Cochrane back on "CSI: Miami"

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 « Ausiello Report Exclusive: CSI: Miami Exhumes Rory Cochrane

I'm not quite sure how they're going to pull this off, but sources
confirm that Rory Cochrane is returning to CSI: Miami this fall –
three years after his character was fatally shot in the line of duty.

Cochrane – who asked to be released from his contract back in the
summer of 2004 because "he couldn't really handle the grind anymore" –
will appear in multiple episodes, beginning with this season's second.
It's not clear, however, if he'll be reprising his role as
presumed-dead criminalist Tim Speedle or playing a brand new
character. Tim's evil twin, perhaps? 

Which option would you prefer, Miami fans? And more importantly, does
Cochrane's return a good thing? Sound off below!
I hope this doesn't mean they'd get rid of Jonathan to Go.
Actually, I'd be OK with that, but *only* if it meant there was going
to be a "Special Unit 2" revival!  ;)
I love Mr. Wolfe.
I've always assumed he was undercover investigating the non-human 
nightmare that is Horatio.