Roseanne Fans : David and Darlene Together Again in New Show

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Gilbert joining 'Big Bang' arc with Galecki
By Nellie Andreeva

Sept 4, 2007

Sara Gilbert will reunite with her "Roseanne" hubby Johnny Galecki on
Galecki's new comedy series, CBS' "The Big Bang Theory."  The show

Gilbert is set to do a multiepisode arc on the Warner Bros.
TV-produced "Big Bang," which revolves around Leonard (Galecki) and
Sheldon (Jim Parsons), two socially inept physicists who befriend
their new pretty neighbor (Kaley Cuoco).

Gilbert will play a love interest for Leonard. She is a fellow
physicist who works with him, and the two attempt to date.

On "Roseanne," Gilbert and Galecki's characters, Darlene Conner and
David Healy, had an on-again, off-again relationship until tying the
knot in the penultimate season's finale.

Gilbert's role on the long-running ABC sitcom earned her two Emmy

Gilbert, who gave birth to a girl a month ago, has been recurring on
NBC's veteran medical drama "ER," also from WBTV. She is repped by the
Gersh Agency and Framework Entertainment.
[email protected],

Another one-note "comedy" show built on a stupid premise. God help us 

I thought she was a lesbian.  :-)
Oh, I don't know.  Johnny Galecki was one of the best things about
Roseanne - I just loved him and I've wondered what he's been doing.
I'll certainly give the show a look-see just because he's on it.

He's done some work at Steppenwolf.  I especially liked him in Pot Mom as 
the guy who described his career thusly: "I'm a theater usher but what I 
really want to do is direct."
[email protected],

Oh I agree that he was very good in Roseanne, but the commercials for 
this new show do not make it look very promising.
So what. She's still a woman and equipped to have babies...
I think the show looks really funny.  

Anyway, here is more stuff on the big reunion :,0,882507.story?coll=zap-tv-headlines