Rudy from The Cosby Show is a WHORE!!! Here, let me explain....

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Rudy is a Whore!
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Keisha Knight Pulliam (aka Rudy Huxtable from the Cosby Show) is
hitting the big screen as an imprisoned prostitute in Tyler Perry's
Madea Goes to Jail.

You can see Rudy hook it in a movie theater near you in 2009.

Pulliam recently appeared in Perry's TBS series House of Payne and is
launching an Atlanta-based production company for film and television
projects that she has in development.

WhewÂ…Rudy's a business woman and has her head on straight in the real

Playing a prostitute will really get you far these days!

Too bad they didn't get Raven Symone instead. She would have been a
great hooker!

* A  recent commercial with Raven Symone:
(She's the one tip-toeing through the house. Great job, Rae! Glad to
see your acting has improved a bit.)
Come on, she was acting pretty well at an age when you were still 
stuffing beans up your nose.

Everyone on the Cosby Show was a robot.
That isn't as depressing as the fact that Tyler Perry is making another 
movie. Is it the fifteenth or sixteenth this month?

I don't find him funny and I don't know anyone who does. Please don't call 
me a racist. I never thought that Dame Edna Beveridge was funny either, and 
Barry Humphries was white the last time I looked.
Tyler Perry is an arrogant man. I wish Black people would stop
watching his movies. Maybe he'd scale back.