Runaway pilot Spoilers Possible

TV Arts

I liked this one even though I didn't think I would based on the premise. 
Good cast with very appealing characters. Decent storyline. It's The 
Fugitive, family style I guess. It's not really going to follow The Fugitive 
formula since it seems they are going to let the family settle in town, 
given the character introductions of the townees. Of course now that I've 
said that, they'll move on in the next episode. Does it partner well with 
the Camdens? Probably not, but what does? It's certainly better than that 
craptastic Kevin Williamson Palm thingee pilot I watched a while back.
I thought "Runaway" was lethargic and the family felt like a bunch of
actors who had very recently met (which could've been an interesting
twist). Different network, same response from me I guess.

On the other hand I wholeheartedly recommend Williamson's "Hidden
Palms." I don't know if it's meant to be intentionally bad but it's
such an odd mess that it's almost beautiful.
ooo, that's an excellent analysis.  That's JUST what it felt like.

And why would this cafe owner give this guy an under the counter job? 
Not to mention, why was it going to cost more than $500 to have a window 
installed in the first place?

And are these the dumbest cops in the universe or what?  Did they 
consider maybe sneaking up on this family, instead of roaring through 
town, sirens blaring, roadblocks in place??  And if you needs dozens of 
cars to surround one bail jumper, which seems sort of overreactionary, 
do you really send the boss up to KNOCK ON THE DOOR without even a 
helmet?  If she thinks that show of force is necessary, she should be 
lobbing tear gas from the street.

And bumpkin patrol cop, having stopped a woman with no driver's license 
or insurance who ran a stop sign, doesn't bother to run her plates to 
find out it's a stolen car before he lets her go?

And Mom thinks she'd be better off telling the cop she HAS no license 
than showing him the fake?