SUMMER 2006 - Preliminary List

TV Arts

OK, I'm trying to figure out just what "original" series will be airing 
this summer. 

So here's what I've got so far. Anyone who knows something I'm missing, 
please feel free to add to it!

ABC - bupkis??!?...

 Big Brother 7(All Stars) - premieres [July 7?]
 [anything else??...]

 Hell's Kitchen [2]       - premieres Mon., June 12
 [possibly "Stacked"]
 [anything else??...]

 Last Comic Standing [4]  - premieres Tues., May 30
 Windfall                 - premieres Thur., June 8**
 Treasure Hunters         - premieres Sun., June 18/Mon.,  June 19
 America's Got Talent     - premieres Wed., June 21/Thur., July 13

**See below. 

The WB/UPN - pretty sure Nothing, for obvious reasons

ABC Family: 
 Falcon Beach             - premieres Mon., June 5
 Kyle XY                  - premieres Mon., June 26
 Three Moons Over Milford - premieres Sun., July 23
 Fallen                   - premieres Sun., August 13

BBC America: 
 Hex                      - premieres Thur., June 8**

**This is a problem, as I'd like to watch this *and* "Windfall" - guess 
it'll be VCR time this summer...

FX - ???
HBO - ???

The N: 
 Beyond the Break         - premieres Fri., June 2
 Whistler                 - [unknown - just "This Summer"...]
 ["South of Nowhere"??...]

 Stargate:SG-1            - premieres [Fri., July 14]
 Stargate:Atlantis        - premieres [Fri., July 14]
 Eureka                   - premieres [Fri., July 14???]


 The Closer               - premieres [Mon., June 12??]

USA net.: 
 The 4400                 - premieres Sun., June 4
 The Dead Zone            - premieres Sun., June 11
 Monk                     - premieres Fri., July 7
Besides what you listed, The Futon Critic lists the following:

So You Think You Can Dance - premieres Thurs., May 25

Million Dollar Listing: Hollywood - premieres Mon., June 12 (reality
show about real estate business)
Tabloid Wars - premieres Tues., July 18 (reality show about New York
Daily News)

The Contender - premieres Wed., July 12/Tues., July 18 (the former NBC
boxing show moves to cable for new season)

Rescue Me - premieres Tues., May 30

The Hills - premieres Wed., May 24 (reality, spinoff of Laguna Beach)

Spike TV:
Blade: The Series - premieres Wed., June 28 (Kirk Jones plays the
vampire hunter)

Saved - premieres Mon., June 12 (drama w/Tom Everett Scott as a

Joshua Kreitzer
[email protected]
For CBS, I forgot one: 

 Big Brother 7(All Stars) - premieres [July 7?]
 ROCK STAR                - premieres [July???]

 [anything else??...]

Looks like the regular timeslot is Tuesdays at 10pm. 

I always ignore MTV! (author's choice!!) 

I had this one, but forgot to list it...  :( 

Got another TNT one: 

 The Closer               - premieres [Mon., June 12??]
 Saved                    - premieres [Mon., June 12??]
  (Stephen King anthology)- [July]

And another USA one: 

USA net.: 
 The 4400                 - premieres Sun., June 4
 The Dead Zone            - premieres Sun., June 11
 Monk                     - premieres Fri., July 7 ( 9 pm)
 PSYCH                    - premieres Fri., July 7 (10 pm)

I'm still puzzled by the lack of news about Lifetime's plans...
I enjoy the summer series. Peacekeepers was very good, and I really
enjoyed Kojak last year. Too bad they rarely catch on.
Meanwhile, I really enjoyed last Summer's "Empire" and "Brat Camp", 
liked "Beautiful People" a fair amount, and found "Rock Star", "The 
Inside", "Beach Girls" and "Into the West" mildly diverting. 

And, you're right, they rarely do catch on - of my list, only "Beautiful 
People" actually returned.
RockStar is supposed to be back this summer...they are picking the lead
singer for a new band this time around...though the rest of the 'new band'
is made up of real rock stars.

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Ahem... Wildfire was on last summer and it returned for a second season and 
now a third. :)  How soon they forget!