SUPERNATURAL / Black / S10E01 / Oct 07, 2014

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SUPERNATURAL / Black / S10E01 / Oct 07, 2014
Written by: Jeremy Carver / Directed by: Robert Singer



[Dean is a demon and running amuck with Crowley while Sam tries to 
figure out what happened to his brother. Meanwhile, Castiel is dealing 
with his diminishing grace.]

"We've howled. We've bayed. We've done extraordinary things to triplets, 
all of which have been massively entertaining. I will treasure
our Flickr albums forever. But now it's time for us to accept what we 
are and go back to work."

Grade: B+


Dean's a demon. 'Nuff said.


* Sam spends a lot of time wandering around the otherwise empty batcave, 
and pouting. He's looking for his brother and not having much luck.
* Castiel, getting ever weaker, goes on a road trip with Hannah. She's 
in the role of the hard-liner angel while he's more of a moderate. 
Things don't go particularly well when they track down a couple of 
"rogue" fellow angels who refuse to return to heaven, and one of those 
angels winds up dead when an argument escalates, while the other 
escapes, presumably to seek her revenge at some future point.
* And we learn that Castiel still doesn't have that whole driving thing 
down to a science yet, either. Heh.
* Dean and Crowley are making their own buddy road trip movie, complete 
with plenty of awesome karaoke action from Dean and at least one 
one-night stand. In Crowley's bed. Heh.
* Sam gets access to some security camera footage of Dean putting the 
First Blade to good use in a convenience store. That sets him on the 
right trail, and Crowley conveniently has a long conversation with Sam 
later on, giving plenty of time to track the call.
* Perhaps the most critically important part of that phone call is 
Crowley's revelation that it's not just some random demon inside Dean's 
"meat suit." Rather, it's actually Dean himself. Still. "Moose. Moose," 
Crowley taunts Sam. "I'm afraid you haven't allowed yourself to dream
quite big enough here. Your brother is very much alive, courtesy of the 
mark. And the only demonized soul inside of Dean is his and his alone. 
Wee bit more twisted, a little more mangled beyond human recognition, 
but, I can assure you, all his."
* After another demon killing by Dean, Crowley informs Dean that he's 
been sending "demon chum" Dean's way in order to keep the Mark of Cain 
sated. Crowley explains that it was also to keep Dean sharp for down the 
road. But now, Crowley wants to get back to "work" while Dean wants to 
continue to just party and sing one-hit wonders.
* On his way to catch up with Dean, Sam gets caught and imprisoned by an 
ex-Marine hunter type who wants to use Sam as bait for Dean. But Dean, 
being all demony these days, doesn't appear to be remotely willing to 


After six months, Crowley is tired of the road show with Dean and wants 
to get back to "work." Dean, OTOH, is perfectly happy drinking and 
karaoke'ing himself to death. Sam has spent the time looking for his 
brother and pouting. And now he's bait that Dean isn't particularly 
interested in pursuing, given that Dean is sorta all demon-y these days, 
but not quite *all* demon-y.

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