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'Going Rogue' spoof: 'Nightmare'stories may have Sarah Palin seeing
BY Olivia Smith
('Going Rouge,' a Palin memoir lookalike, will be released on the same
day as 'Going Rogue.')

In the case of Sarah Palin's new book, imitation may not be the
sincerest form of flattery.

When the failed vice presidential candidate's memoir hits shelves Nov.
17, it will have some competition from a lookalike tome that spoofs
the title of her book.

"Going Rouge: An American Nightmare" bears a striking resemblance to
Palin's book, "Going Rogue: An American Life." Both feature the
photogenic politician in red, but the spoof has her against a backdrop
of black thunder clouds and lightning, instead of the image of a blue
sky scattered with clouds on the ex-governor’s book.

“Going Rouge” isn't a spoof at all but a collection of essays about
Palin put together by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed, editors at liberal-
leaning weekly The Nation, Entertainment Weekly reported. It includes
work by regular Nation contributors, including Katha Pollitt, Katrina
vanden Heuvel and Naomi Klein.

The book's publisher, OR Books, which was started by industry veterans
John Oakes and Colin Robinson, said it "embraces progressive change in
politics, culture and the way we do business."

The faux-book will address Palin's background, her rise to prominence
and "the nightmarish prospect of her continuing to dominate the
nation's political scene," OR Books said.

While the book provides a political counterpoint, the competing title
may not prove to be much competition at all in terms of book sales.
Since the essay collection is being released in paperback, the two
tomes will probably not be displayed side-by-side in bookstores.

Palin's book, in the meantime, written in just four months for a
reported $7 million advance, is already a blockbuster before it's
actually available. Its advance sales knocked Dan Brown's "The Lost
Symbol" from the top spot on this month.

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