San Diego To Lose CW Affiliate(?)

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This may be old news (in fact, for all I know, David posted about it a
month ago), but I just found out about it the other day while watching
"Smallville" and seeing a "The New FOX-5 starts August 1!" ad. I
nearly fell out of my chair.

According to Wiki, the old FOX station, XETV (FOX 6) hasn't announced
what it plans to do, so it may switch to The CW. Or there's always the
current MyTVNetwork station,
XHDTV TV 13, as another possibility for a new CW affiliate.

But if The CW doesn't move soon, they're going out of the San Diego
market as of Fall 2008.

(Meanwhile, I'm just hoping that I'll be moving out of here by then!
Keep your fingers crossed!  ;>  )

KSWB to Drop CW Affiliation

March 25, 2008

KSWB-TV, Tribune's CW affiliate in San Diego, said Tuesday the station
will drop its CW affiliation for Fox on Aug 1. The company also
announced that Ray Schonbak would be the station's new vp and general
manager, replacing Bob Ramsey who managed KSWB since 2002. Schonbak
was most recently president of television for Emmis Communications,
which has divested most of its TV group.

The move gives Fox a stronger in-market station in the No. 27 market
to replace distribution via Mexican station XETV-TV, owned by Grupo

KSWB, along with 15 other Tribune stations, became a CW affiliate via
a 10-year affiliation agreement announced in Jan. 2006, months before
The CW's launch in Sept. 2006. Since then, Tribune went private under
new management and The CW TV network's ratings have languished in
fifth place.

With the switch, Tribune's new management said it is sending the
message that it intends to be aggressive. KSWB will immediately ramp
up to air four hours of locally produced news daily, including a three-
hour morning show.

"This is a huge development for our television group and makes it
clear that the new Tribune is aggressive and willing to move quickly
to upgrade our position in a market, especially when we can improve
our financial results almost immediately," said Ed Wilson, president
of Tribune Broadcasting. "We're not sitting around waiting for the
advertising environment to improve, hoping things will get better on
their own - we're taking action."

In total, Fox will have seven Fox affiliates, 13 CW affiliates, two
MyNetworkTV affiliates and one ABC affiliate.
Local news is beneath me.
True enough, especially if you're sitting on a toilet.

There isn't more than twenty minutes of real local news in any of these
four-hour marathons I've been seeing lately.  TV stations used to be
creative with their local programming -- kid shows, movies, targeted
talk shows.  Now it's just "news," and poorly done "news" at that.
Maybe the fact that they didn't choose to change the "WB" call letters
was a telling sign.

Any of the displaced Mexican-licensed local stations are welcome to
join Global or CTV. Even A-Channel. I don't think they could muck it
any worse or be able to tell it apart from it's current American
avalanche of primetime programming.