Saturday, January 24

TV Arts

Today I watched:

Smallville:  So he's known as Red-Blue Blur?  Well there's a hero name
that goes down in the annals.  

Naruto:  Real Naruto fans don't like these episodes because they are
"filler", episodes with no bearing on the over-all arc, not written by
the mangaka.  Me, I like them, because they shine the spotlight on
minor characters I actually like better than the leads.  

Bleach:  Also in filler-land.  Kind of a neat ending where they spend
all their time running around a building trying to get away from the
water the enemies are using to attack them.  And then they get to the
exit of the building...only to discover it's raining outside.  

Legend of the Seeker:  Wow.  Leather clad dominatrixes, Confessors
doing their "enslave a man for life" routine.  Not much Rand, but
plenty of De Sade.  

Stargate Atlantis:  I've missed most of Stargate Atlantis so old
episodes of it are new to me.  It's the second appearance of Rodney's
sister.  Interesting ending as the Colonel talks a guy into
volunteering to be fed to a Wraith.  

Masterminds:  This time, Judy Amar, who was apparently the biggest
burglar, like, ever.
Oh right.  I forgot the mandatory:  "What did you watch?"
Slumdog Millionaire :)

Wow, the lobby of the movie theater was PACKED.