Scumbag Sheen puts 300 out of work thanks to his behaviour

TV Arts

( -- With Charlie Sheen reportedly undergoing stay-at-home
rehab, 300 or so cast and crew members are sitting idle because "Two
and A Half Men" didn't resume production today in Burbank, California.

Stars like Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones -- both of whom signed rich
new pacts recently with Warner Bros. TV -- will likely get paid
whether or not they're working, but it's different for the show's crew
members, who are considered freelance workers.
When you say "out of work" do you know for a fact that they're not under 
contract and getting paid whether they work or not?  Or are you just 
desperate to say something shitty regardless of what the facts are?
All 300?  Are you so divorced from the real working world you'd
believe that?
So you have no facts.  What new?
Aw, look at the whore attempting to market "him"self to Charlie Sheen.
Sorry, but even that pathetic clown has standards :)