Series That Got Better AFTER A Revamp...

TV Arts

We all know that a revamp of a series, while still on the air,
rarely works well, what do you think are some examples of one that got
BETTER with the revamp?

 Here is my list and I know that some of my picks are going to be very
unpopular but I have my reasons....

Angel-Season 1 was pretty good, I hated seasons 2-4 and thought that
the major revamp done for season 5 was amazing.

Baywatch Nights-Season 1 Was a goofy detective show with bad scripts,
season 2 was also a goofy show with bad scripts but season 2 was fun as
hell with them fighting vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens.......  A
real poor mans X-files...

Practice-The first few seasons were great, then around season 6 and 7
things got very theatrical and over the top, then season 8 came along
and the show was reborn in a great way....

SeaQuest-Season 1 was okay, fun, smart but very predictable and overall
dissapointing, season 2 was awful in more ways than I can list, season
3 on the other hand was amazing.  It was a total reboot with a new
title, new characters, dumping the annoying old characters and going
with a very serious and dark tone....   Season 3 was really getting
great when NBC pulled the plug....

Sirens-Season 1 (ABC) was an average female centered cop show, season 2
(First Run Syndication) was much better.   Sure, the stories and
writing and production values were not the best but the cast was great
(Christopher Judge, Liza Snyder, Tim Thomerson and J.H. Wyman) and I
had SUCH a crush on Snyder when this show was on the air (I was in High
School then).

21 Jumpstreet-Seasons 1 and 2 were good for their time, then the series
had what felt like a major revamp with season 3 and bringing in Booker.
 The stories got more serious, the stories started playing out over
longer arcs, social issues were tackled....

War Of The Worlds-Season 1 was okay, but personally I know this will be
very unpopular but I thought season 2 was amazing.   I loved the new
(gross) aliens, I loved the new "run down, used up future" look and
tone, I liked that most of the episodes were more about issues then the
aliens and I loved the addition of Adrian Paul (yes, I missed IronHorse
as well but Kincad was a decent replacement).  Yeah, the show was low
budget (and it showed) and season 2 didn't link up with season 1
continuity but I liked season 2 better.

X-files-Again I know this will be a very unpopular opinion, but I liked
the addition of Dogget and Reyes.  I don't think the stories
(especailly the stand lone, non alien ones) were just as good as the
early seasons and personally I feel that the Mulder/Scully stuff was
played out long before the producers actually ended that era.   I feel
that those last 2 seasons were hated so much because it was THE X-FILES
and it was so different then what people knew, I think it would have
faired better if they had cancelled the X-files and used the Dogget and
Ryes seasons as a new show.
Season 8 of The X-Files was my second favorite season in the history of
the show.  My gripe was that they promised to reinvent the show with
the new characters but never did.  If they would have given Doggett and
Reyes their own new mythology, I always thought about good and evil
rather than aliens since ritualistic murder was Reyes area of
expertise, it would have been great but sticking the characters into
the old characters mythology was.misguided.  I agree that at the end of
Season 8, Doggett and Reyes could have been spun off into a different
FBI show.

I agree, if they had wrapped up the Mulder/Scully story, Doggett and Reyes
would have made a good pair.  They had a bit of the believer/skeptic dynamic
from the early seasons again.  But dragging them into the alien story kinda
ruined that since Doggett's skepticism was kinda killed mid-season.
"Double Trouble" with the Sagal twins.  Season one was a stink:
by-the-numbers plots and lines that we've seen 1,700 times in as many
series.  When they moved to NYC and got a whole new supporting cast, it
became watchable.  The girls' dad from the previous season only appeared
in one of those eps in which he (what else?) wanted them to come home
with him.  But they didn't--they stayed in the Big Apple and he just had
to leave and accept the fact that his babies had their own lives to

                                      --David Johnson