Showtime Sleeper Cell S2 Question

TV Arts

I've never seen an episode before however the library has S2 available
S1 to come later. Are the seasons relatively independent of one
another or is it ill advised to watch S2 before S1. TIA.
Season 2 has a sufficiently different story line that it does exist 
on its own; but there is a tremendous carry-over of characters and 
back story from S1. So I wouldn't recommend watching S2 without 
having watched S1.  Anyway, imho S1 was far superior to S2. S2 ran 
out of propulsive invention about half way through, and stagnated 
creatively.  Probably better to skip S2 entirely rather than watch 
them in reverse order.
I agree with your assessment of S2 v. S1 but I think it would be kind of 
neat to watch S2 first.  That way, S1 would be full of "Ah-ha!" moments. 
Not to mention, S2 wouldn't be his last memory of the show.