Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (67-70) : Any chance of DVD?

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I would like to see it released in season volumes. It seems a long shot
with all the music guests, but that's why I'd like to see it. If SNL
can do it maybe they can pull it off as well.

I still don't get the problem with music licensing. First they have to
get permission I guess. Well to me if it is still in the context of
it's original usage (part of an old show) it shouldn't be necessary to
get permission. As to fees I don't know if there is a standard or if it
varies. But it seems they had no problem at least on TV of showing
music clips until around the year 2000. Then it all but ceased. At
least for archival stuff.

PBS in the last few years during their pledge drives has locked into
this format of "Oldies" concerts. Which they show endlessly. I'd much
rather see these people in their prime in old clips than trying to
warble their hits in these geriatric concerts. Which gets to my
question of why does it seems easier for there to be recent concerts by
old acts seen on TV or available on DVD than anything archival?

To me the old clips should be viewed by the artists as promos for their
music catalog. Much like music videos a la MTV. MTV originated showing
music videos because they were free to use. 

Nearly all the smothers brothers fanbase is dead, save you.
If you read my posting you would know that my interest lay as much in
the musical guests they had on as them. If not more so. They had an
eclectic mix of Rock/Pop/Folk acts on the show. And the reason we may
be a dyin breed is because these shows have been locked in the vaults
so long people are ignorant of what good stuff they are missing. 

Actually, I guess there's two of us! :) My family had SB records and I 
used to listen to them all the time. Thought they were pretty funny; 
always loved stuff like Tommy accusing Dick of putting termites in his 
Lincoln Logs... :)

I've never been able to figure out if the brothers had a tense 
relationship or not; I seem to recall there have been squabbles. But 
their stuff was always enjoyable to listen to, anyway...
I loved the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. It would be great to pull out &
dust off & shoot to DVD, if you ask me.
OK, now there are three of us.

Dick: Well, if everyone jumped off a cliff would you do it too?
Tommy: Not again!!!!!!!!

Nyssa, who even has their Purple Onion LP
and I have the "Impossible Dream"  love it.
Susan Bartholomew ([email protected]) writes:
That's a good question.  I seem to recall the act breaking up at some point,
and of course then they got back together, but it was long enough ago
that I can't recall whether it was a split over personal or artistic

But I think the previous poster was missing the point.  Whether or
not the original poster is a fan of the Smothers Brothers, he was
interested in the guest performers who were on the show.  And yes,
just as the repackaged Ed Sullivan material, and I see there's something
being promoted in infomercials on "Midnight Special" DVDs, there likely
is lots that was on the show that would still appeal to an audience.

I seem to recall the last time they tried a TV comeback, late eighties
or early nineties, they had that famous footage of Pete Seeger doing
"Waist Deep in the Muddy Water".

The Smother's Brothers web page <> has
a DVD of a documentary called Smothered and another DVD of Yo-Yo Man

On the upside you can drink wine from Smother's Winery the Remick
Vineyards.  Tommy played the mute king in the ABC version of Once Upon
a Mattress.
All the more reason to release them quickly :) I'm 37 and enjoy
listening to their albums at work. Fun stuff.